Das Gewicht der Welt

27. 02 bis 15.05.2022 
Eröffnung am 27.02.2022, 12 Uhr  

Kunstverein Ruhr
Kopstadtplatz 12
45127 Essen 

In the work of Fabian Reimann, who lives in Leipzig, circulating stories and already existing images play an important role. He assembles his carefully researched basic material into new picture essays and reports whose degree of reality is not only convincing but also repeatedly astonishes and makes one smile. Drawing on his “Warburg Universe” (collective pictorial memory), he creates realistic, utopian and irritatingly dystopian stories. His media are lovingly designed artist’s books, videos, sound, but certainly also room-filling exciting installations. Fiction and reality, failure and success, are condensed into an intelligent and entertaining critique of civilisation. For the Kunstverein Ruhr, Reimann is planning a space-related work that intensively reflects current issues and is dedicated to the person of the physicist Klaus Fuchs. He once became known as the greatest atomic spy of all time: His extremely eventful life story forms the basis of this spatial installation, which is designed on several levels of mediation and also contains surprising new facts and revelations. The US author Nancy Thorndike-Greenspan, who published the last biography on the master spy in 2020, will be interviewed for the exhibition. A programme of education and events is being planned. Please observe the current hygiene regulations.