Spinnereistr. 7
04179 Leipzig

up from march 18th
by appointment only


The studio transforms itself into an exhibition venue. This personal place of the artist working space will change the role from the private to a public one. This shifts from the premodern to a postmodern role of artists and their how and whereabouts of work.

In the end of the 18th century an idea of the artist rose up, the lonely genius. Standing up for his mind’s and hands’ making, nonetheless liked or not. An artist preferring the loneliness in the studio to gathering with crowds of less enlighten beings. This being and becoming a “true artist helping the world revealing mystic truths” (as Bruce Nauman put it in 1967) was the idea of an artist in the age of romanticism. And all in all it was a short episode regarding the persona of an artist before and after that time.

2020 the enforced loneliness began.

From different perspectives, forced or voluntary isolation leads to the formation of individual mythologies, imaginary museums, or hermitism. In terms of art, I have found a metaphor for a research-based work, the fictional place of the “Fortress of Solitude”, the only place where Superman doesn’t feel so much like an alien.

This place from the pulp universe of comic book heroes is an oversized crystal palace in the Arctic, where numerous devotional objects from Superman adventures are combined with objects from human history to form an incredible museum.

For example, the “Titanic” hangs from the ceiling in a hall. This museum has only one collector, curator, director and only one visitor – all are one and the same person. It is a place of thought and work, a laboratory and a studio. This huge chamber of curiosities is also a time capsule. This megamonomaniacal design is on the one hand absurd, but on the other hand it also presents numerous myths of unreachable treasure chambers or the artist’s studio.

sea shore coast assembles a choice of forty picture from the series Meere und Sterne / Seas and Stars, a complete new body. There will be two new sculpture works. This and a little bit more you will also find on the online documentation.

Tis exhibition in the studio will be accessible until the opening of the second chapter the stars’ memories.

Hello from the Children of the Planet Earth


D21 Kunstraum
Demmeringstr. 21
04177 Leipzig

“In these strange times, even we must not open our art space. Many artists can not show their works. Here we as an art space want to find a little remedy to make it. As part of our yearly program Contact-making, since April 13, local artists have had the opportunity, changing weekly, to present their work in a shop window of the D21, the so-called “Kontaktfenster” (contact window).

As a third display of the “Kontaktfenster”, Fabian Reiman shows a sampling of works from 2006 to 2020, which deal with making contact with foreign planets.