A Bosom is a Valley of Water

Opening 18.10.2019

2,04 gallery
Art-centre “Pushkinskaya-10”
Lygorsky Prospekt 53
191040 St. Petersburg


 „Look up into the universe where the paradox reigns“
Die Fantastischen Vier, Der Tag am Meer)

We live in uncertain times. And not infrequently things happen differently than planned and become history despite everything. Or that is precisely the reason, coincidence and chaos. People seek security and order. That is why chaos should be explained from the beginning.
We look at the butterfly and ask ourselves whether this butterfly will trigger a tsunami, an accident in a nuclear power plant or simply a revolution.
We see the Aurora butterfly unfolding. We see a possibility of things that can come. We think of molecules and free radicals.
We look at the ship Aurora in St. Petersburg, two monuments and can imagine what have already produced uncertain times that nobody would have thought possible.