2019 Berlin bücking&kröger


28.03.2019, 20.30 Uhr Premiere
29.03.– 31.03.2019 20:30 Uhr

Studio 1
Uferstr. 23
13357 Berlin

How does pathos manifest itself within the body? How can emotive body images be produced, how can they be undermined and overlaid with new images and movements?

Newly emerging manners of speech and performance indicate that grand gestures are back, or maybe they never left. Today, pathos seems to have political power (again). With their new production HYPERBODIES, bücking&kröger investigate these phenomena of pathos, grandiosity and exaggeration. Their focus lies on the body as a mirror of current problems: motifs of swelling and mannerist images of moving bodies, characterised by grotesque ornamentation and distorted proportions, give rise to the reconfigured, bent and overburdened bodies on stage: hyperbodies. These are transformed, gradually spilling out of their confines and dissolving into oversized, swollen shapes that reveal their powerfully compelling force while being exposed within it. These emotive images fluctuate between solemnity and humour, breaking open and subverting their structure.

concept, choreography, performance Florian Bücking, Raisa Kröger

Space, graphic Fabian Reimann
Music Julius Born
Costume Michiel Keuper

Light design Martin Pilz

Production/dramaturgy Johanna Withelm
Productionsassistence Katharina Meyer

Press/public relations Lilly Schofield

Pressphoto and dokumentation Mayra Wallraff

all photos: Mayra Wallraff

Museum of the Germans

2017 Bautzen friendly fire

“Museum of the Germans, A Timetravel to the Future” was the second cooperation with the performance-group friendly fire. Imahgine the Germans have vanished. The theatre house Deutsch-sorbische Volkstheater in Bautzen becomes a museum within the performance. The audience is guided through the whole museum.

Welcome to the World of the Sorbs! Since the Germans have vanished a new era began: Lusatia echoes the Sorbian songs from the past, present and future. The Germans left as they came and just little monuments and documents remind of their presence. It’s like they were part of our fairies, of people some may assume they – the Germans – never even existed. ON occasion of the 500st anniversary of their disappearance we open the MUSEUM OF THE GERMANS.


Premiere 21.09.2017  03. 10. 2017, 17 h
6.10. / 15.10. / 17.12.2017 ff

Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen
Burgtheater Bautzen
Ortenburg 7
02625 Bautzen

TOOLS – a hand job

2017 bücking&kröger

„Every time when an organ – or a function – frees itself from an old obligation, it invents something new. When the paw or hand is freed from the function of support of walking, it changes; it becomes the grasping organ and, finally reforms as a tool“ (Michel Serres).

My work ‘Hand Tool Interface’ was the starting point for the duet “TOOLS – a handjob” , in order to deal with both the evolutionary liberties that go with the upright walk as well as with physical activities.

Concept, choreography and performance: Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger
Room: Fabian Reimann
Sound: Julius Born
Production and dramaturgy: Johanna Withelm




Thanks to: battleROYAL, Dock11

16.06.2017 – Dock11, Berlin

further performances
17.06.2017 – Dock11, Berlin

28.04.2018 – Garage, Fahrbereitschaft/Haubrok (Gallery Weekend), Berlin

29.04.2018 – Garage, Fahrbereitschaft/Haubrok (Gallery Weekend), Berlin

Duration: 26 min. (incl. Intro)



Narragonien was the first cooperation with backing & Kröger. The dance performance is based on the novel “The Ship of Fools” by Sebastian Brant (1494). Narragonien serves as the name for a fictitious country the crew of the fool’s ship are setting out for. Within the structure of designation – hope – journey, the artistic questioning and discussion of Narragonien starts at the point where the hardships of a journey drive people into physical and mental states that make it impossible for them to go beyond the present moment.

Concept, choreography and performance: Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger
Set/graphicdesign: Fabian Reimann
Sound: Constantin Popp
Light: Martin Pilz
Production and dramaturgy: Johanna Withelm


Funded by: Bezirksamt Pankow – Fachbereich Kunst und Kultur, Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten (stipendium 2015).

04.03.2016 – Dock11, Berlin

Performance History
05.03.2016 – Dock11, Berlin
06.03.2016 – Dock11, Berlin
19.10.2016 – In Between Festival, Wroclaw/Poland
19.05.2017 – Antistatic Festival, Sofia/Bulgaria

Duration: 52 min.

Pornographie der Emotionen

2017 Berlin bücking & kröger

Ballhaus Ost, Berlin
Premiere 21.09.2017:
further performances
22., 23.09.2017

Concept, choreography, performance: Florian Bücking and Raisa Kröger
Music, composition: Constantin Popp
Set/graphicdesign: Fabian Reimann
Production and dramaturgy: Johanna Withelm

Duration: 53 min.

Beyond representation and drama bücking&kröger investigating the physicality of emotions and question the assumptions of self-portraits, readability and interpretation. A choreographic work on the exaltation and the sale of human feelings.