A Bosom is a Valley of Water

2019 St. Petersburg

The coast is the interface between the land, habitat of people, and the sea. The port is the man-made place to visit the sea. It is a place of transit, of trade. St. Petersburg currently has 29 ports, opening the gates to numerous stories related to its own and those of the sea. In the course of his stay in St. Petersburg, he produced several large-format graphics in which different views are directed to what at first glance is difficult to see on the sea.

In the course of my work I came across the form of a portolan map. It’s a traditional form of map, one that resembles one of the land in a kind. The connections of ports are shown. These lines lead to very aesthetic allirations, the meaning of which can only be understood by those who know. The map form and the coastline of the Bay of Finland is the form and the display of the graphics.


left All the White Nights of St. Petersburg middle Bravo Zulu right Kronstadt

left Kronstadt right Armada

left Portolan negativ right Butterflyeffect