Alsos Epsilon Toothpaste

2012 espionage nuclear science Solo Exhibition

Alsos, Epsilon, Toothpaste – behind this title of the 2012 exhibition was the Allied intelligence missions from 1944-45. The aim was to arrest the German nuclear physicists, the representatives of the “Uranium club„ and to find out to what extent the Third Reich had developed a nuclear weapon.

Among other things, the exhibition dealt with the universal world formulas of the 20th century. From the discovery of the atom and nuclear fission as a way of harnessing new energy potentials, there was a connection to the universality claims of the avant-garde of art: the interned in a country house near Cambridge physicist, Constantin Brancusi’s infinite pillar and the crystal as a metaphor of modernity to one formal aesthetically consistent from space, light, shadow drawings and lost form.

Elements were



Eternity Limited