2013 espionage Kunstverein Hannover Louise Bernikow René Zechin Rudolph Abel Ulrike Boskamp


When I was working ob a spatial essay about the spy Rudolph Abel I knew there would be a book on occasion of an exhibition. This gave me the opportunity to differ between space and book. Which would be the Shake for which content. The book starts with a visual essay on Abel in mass medias such as magazines or movies. I asked Louise Bernikow to write a text why she as a young woman came to the decision to make her first book in 1970 a biography on Abel. In “The Emperor of Ice Cream” she tells us about this. Ulrike Boskamp wrote a text about when artist were mistaken as spies for drawing in the open. René Zechlin contributed a test about my research based work.

Blurb: When the Russian spy Rudolph Abel (1903 – 1971) was arrested in New York on June 21, 1957, the FBI found fifty oil paintings in his studio. Abel had used his work as an amateur artist and photographer as his cover. His favourite subject: lonely old men in the big city. For his book »Amateur« Fabian Reiman has conducted research in FBI archives to learn about the circumstances of the life of the artist spy. The pictures taken by the FBI of Abel’s studio and workspace show him as someone who was adept in priming canvas as well as making wiretaps.

The book was published on the occasion of the exhibition »Amateur und Überflieger« at the Kunstverein Hannover 2013.

116 pages, with Illustrations
stitched gatefolded brochure
Leipzig / Hannover März, 2013
ISBN: 9783940064745
28,00 Euro