Black Session


A black box is standing there, something like a flight case in black and a similarity to Stanley Kubrick’s monoliths is not accidentally.
Two images are projected from the box and four voices talk.
The images on the wall show and mix two media events of the 20th century. One is the first worldwide TV-broadcast vis satellite, live and in full colour: Elvis in Hawaii. The musician is overlaying the lunar landing, or vice versa.

Andy is the first voice ever of my computer’s operating system and it quotes the listing of the images from the Golden Disc traveling through space with the Voyager (?) since 1977. It quotes a poem by Joshua Mehigan, a mocking poem by G. Mennen Williams and text by myself by which I reflect upon the movie „The Day the earth stood still“. You need to put an ear on the box to hear that murmur.

The day the earth stood still a messenger from a far away planet informed mankind about receiving terrestrial radio broadcasting. This legates name was klaatu and the world reacted surprised and insecure to his message. Klaatu’s visit implied the infinite expansion had become measurable units. Mankind had gotten a resonance to its sounds gone to space.