Chaos AD

2020 woodcut work on paper

We live in times which ar enot secure. And not infrequently things happen differently than planned, and yet become history. Or precisely therein lies the reason, in chance and chaos. People seek security and order. That is why so many attempts try to explain chaos since the beginning.

We look at the butterfly and ask ourselves whether this butterfly will trigger a tsunami, an accident in a nuclear power plant or simply a revolution.

We see the aurora butterfly in its unfolding. We see a possibility of things to come. We think of molecules and free radicals.

We look at the ship Aurora in St Petersburg. Two monuments exist, one where the ship has been lying for decades. There is another, which refers to where the ship was once in the water and fired a shot, and then, as always, there was chaos at the beginning, and it is only when the waves smooth out that it becomes apparent what is to come. 102 years after the October Revolution, darkness lay over the deep, lay over the primordial flood. The earth was desolate but not empty. We live in uncertain times. The caterpillars are emerging the cocoons.