Das geteilte Wissen

2014 German National Library



“Das geteilte Wissen” is a twisted thing of a title to translate from German while its meaning is shared as well as divided.  The spatial essay deals with  “German National Library” in three different groups of works, starting with a very personal experience: “When I was young and free of worry I founded a literary publishing house with a focus on contemporary poetry in 1993, I wasn’t aware that this company would economically never work out. I wasn’t either aware why two copies of each book were dutifully delivered to Frankfurt am Main and to Leipzig. It became clear to me lateron.“

For two years until 2014, I worked intensively about the German National Library in Leipzig and Frankfurt am Main. The history of this “memory of German writing“ at the two sites shows the cultural impact of the Cold War and the German division. After the end of World War II, there were considerable doubts in West Germany about future cooperation with the Soviets. As early as 1946, the “Deutsche Bibliothek” was founded in Frankfurt am Main – under considerable protests from Leipzig – as a counterpart to the “Deutsche Bücherei” in the so-called Soviet Occupation Zone.

The groups of work are

Le tour

Another Earth Catalog cataloged

Memory Cleansing