2009-2011 espionage New York Rudolph Abel


The drops were made within the extensive research project on Rudolph Abel, the spy who pretended to be an artist. The term “drop” caught my special attention when I was reading the biography by Louise Bernikow.  A ‘drop’ is something lapidary that is almost not there. It indicates the short state of something liquid, such as f.e. a raindrop. In this type of fugitive, the term ‘drop’ is used for small hiding places. Such places are familiar to only a few people who deposit messages in there. Visual cues such as chalk marks indicate a filled ‘drop’. The places of the drops are characterized by their nonspecificity. In 2009, I searched all the known drops in New York for Rudolph Abel’s agent activity. Above all, I have found the urban surroundings that have hardly changed in half a century.

The photographs of these places have been cut as miniature reliefs from which I made frottages. 80 different motifs form the first part of the series.