Eternity (limited)

2012 Brancusi nuclear science Werner Heisenberg

Werner Heisenberg had built a test reactor in the cellar of the castle in he small town Haigerloch. It was discovered by the Allied mission “So Epsilon Toothpaste” in the last weeks of World War II. The actual fuel rods of the reactor were uranium cubes were tied like pearls with the corners pointing t one another. In the first moment I somehow had an association with Brancusi’s mystified Parisian studio.

From this point O can to the idea or image that makes scientists and artists very similar. People dedicated to one thing, living like hermits and almost esoteric. That’s a little kitsch, I agree. But so it is with the questions about the beginning of the world and the infinity that can limit an infinite column to a maximum of 47 meters?

Group of four sculptures, wood, each 280 cm and a drawing.