Ez Chaim

2017 Angelik Waniek Cornelia Siebeck Ines Weizmann

There is a void in the middle of Leipzig, a vast place on which once stood the largest orthodox synagogue. It  burned down at the Kristallnacht. In 2017 there was a parking lot. In this district the Kollonadenviertel of which I’m about to tell, there is a civic association, very committed to the coexistence and history of its own. Almost next door to this Bürgerverein is the KV Association for Contemporary Art. Through my cooperation in this association and the experiences from the Projekt Kaufhaus Joske I was as obvious as important to me wo publicly speak and discuss about this void. I developed an evening in cooperation of the two associations as part of the Jewish Week Leipzig 2017.

I invited Angelika Waniek to contribute a performance on the spot of the former synagogue. Afterwards there were lectures and discussions with Prof. Dr. med. Ines Weizmann, Cornelia Siebeck and all other guests in the KV.

As an intervention in reference to the destruction of Jewish shops and houses during the Reichsprogromnacht, I had a shop window removed. This blank space was the only entry and exit of the evening.