Freeman’s Journal 1

2004 Franz Ferdinand John F. Kennedy solo publication visual essay

In 2004, I started Freeman’s Journal. The first issue pursued the question of the photographic image as evidence of historical events.
Kaiser Wilhelm 2 was extremely sensitive to his staging in front of the camera. Dates were adapted to the lighting conditions, in the rain there were already bad pictures anyway. It was called Kaiserwetter. So I assumed there had been a lot of photographers at public events. I searched for the picture, taken at the decisive moment, which became decisive for the beginning of the First World War: the assassination of Franz Ferdinand von Habsburg Espe in Sarajevo on 1914. In no newspaper of this time in which I sought, I found a picture. Only in chronicles I found photos of shortly before and after the deadly shots. There were many drawings and none are alike.
The open vehicle became a popular destination for political killings. John F. Kennedy was shot dead on a parade ride. And of all the photographed and filmed pictures, one thing would have definitively contributed to the clarification of the deed.