Hello from the Children of the Planet Earth

2020 D 21 Kunstraum Leipzig spacetravelling Voyager

“In these strange times, even we must not open our art space. Many artists can not show their works. Here we as an art space want to find a little remedy to make it. As part of our yearly program Contact-making, since April 13, local artists have had the opportunity, changing weekly, to present their work in a shop window of the D21, the so-called “Kontaktfenster” (contact window).

As a third display of the “Kontaktfenster”, Fabian Reiman shows a sampling of works from 2006 to 2020, which deal with making contact with foreign planets. 

Text in the shop-window


That’s a see-through wall you’re standing in front of. You’re outside and you look inside. That’s how it is with a shop window. In this shop window of the D 21 Kunstraum you see an exhibition of works that deal with news from a distant star. The planet is called Earth. And its inhabitants greet you on your planet. We hope to be able to launch into space soon and would like to make contact with you today.

Good luck

Fabian Reimann