Lighter than Air — World travels

2018 Aby Warburg airship

A visual essay for the annual magazine of the Landesverband Bildende Kunst, Sachsen, 2018, with a explaining text:

We dive in, we take off. Buckle up! Let’s go to a new journey into the Warburg universe. This is the terminus I chose analogue to the “Gutenberg Galaxy” by Marshall McLuhan’s . My work is characterized by mostly found images: images from the collective memory. The contexts shift through the combinations and analogies of the images within a visual essay.
Aby Warburg’s „Bilderatlas Memnosyne” sets a historical mark for the multi-dimensionality of the visual world over the one-dimensional linearity of linguistic narration.
Warburg’s picture atlas is the starting point of the present picture essay, which begins with a reproduction of the third panel of the „Bilderatlas“. We see images of planetary orbits, Mars and airships. I zoom in, out of the book, on the airship “Graf Zeppelin”, which took a trip around the world in 1929. Right in this year Warburg presented his „Bilderatlas“ in the library Biblioteca Hertziana in Rome (but without this “Tafel C”). In my essay, we will encounter aviation, its myths through originals, stagings, interpretations, duplications and fakes, fiction and its opposite. The pictures come from my travels to Rome and Olevano Romano, Prague, Friedrichshafen, as well as from books, movies, and the internet.