Meere und Sterne

Meere und Sterne / Seas and Stars brings together selected personalities who have gone down in history as explorers, thinkers or storytellers. They all lived before the invention of photography. So it is still impossible to understand what they looked like. Above all, they are representatives of cultural and world-historical facts. The selected personalities are Phyteas, Homer, Leif Erikson, Klaus Störtebecker, Gallileo Gallilei, Thomas Morus, Francis Drake, William Shakespeare, Johannes Keppler, Nicolaus Copernicus, Christopher Columbus, Pocachontas, Vitus Bering, James Cook, Alexander von Humboldt, Fabian von Bellinghausen and Samuel Coleridge. It is a deliberately subjective selection, which in some places overlaps with Western European historiography. The persons have been realised as woodcuts on the basis of historical portraits. The faces have been left blank in order to place in each picture a fiction of their own, mainly from the field of film, from historical, saga and science fiction films. The dream and thought worlds result in strange encounters from which new moments of history develop.

The series is in progress, of 340 possible paintings 150 have been completed so far, here is a selection:

50 x 40cm each, mixed media on paper, 2020/21.


Samuel Coleridge, Nosferatu

Galileo Gallilei, Greetings from Trufamadore,

Alexander von Humboldt, Silent Running

Phyteas, The Old man and the Sea

Vitus Bering, Kapitän Nemo

Thomas Morus, The Sanctuary Planet, arrival

Nikolaus Kopernikus, Frau im Mond

Vitus Bering, Godzilla

James Cook, Mutiny on the Bounty

Pocahontas, Mutiny on the Bounty, on the beach

Pocahontas, Enemy Mine

Alexander von Humboldt, Fitzcarraldo

Fabian von Bellinghausen, Mr Spock

William Shakespeare, Titanic

Klaus Störtebecker, Captain Blood’s island

Francis Drake, Ice Pirates

Phyteas, Jason and the Argonauts

Francis Drake, Captain Blood

Homer, Troy

Samuel Coleridge, Flash Gordon

Vitus Bering, Barbarella

Leif Erikson, Erik the Viking at the edge of the world

Johannes Keppler, Ley von Braun Weltraumstation

Christopher Columbus, Valhalla Rising

Samuel Coleridge, David Bowie

James Cook, Sabre Rider

Phyteas, The Perfect Storm

Leif Erikson, Kon Tiki

Homer, Polyphem

Thomas Morus, Walt Disney’s Mars city

William Shakespeare, Dr No, Honey Rider

Nikolaus Kopernikus, Eleomea

Leif Erikson, Viking rover on Mars