Museum of the Germans

2017 Bautzen friendly fire

“Museum of the Germans, A Timetravel to the Future” was the second cooperation with the performance-group friendly fire. Imahgine the Germans have vanished. The theatre house Deutsch-sorbische Volkstheater in Bautzen becomes a museum within the performance. The audience is guided through the whole museum.

Welcome to the World of the Sorbs! Since the Germans have vanished a new era began: Lusatia echoes the Sorbian songs from the past, present and future. The Germans left as they came and just little monuments and documents remind of their presence. It’s like they were part of our fairies, of people some may assume they – the Germans – never even existed. ON occasion of the 500st anniversary of their disappearance we open the MUSEUM OF THE GERMANS.


Premiere 21.09.2017  03. 10. 2017, 17 h
6.10. / 15.10. / 17.12.2017 ff

Deutsch-Sorbisches Volkstheater Bautzen
Burgtheater Bautzen
Ortenburg 7
02625 Bautzen