Planet Utopia – a Demonstration

On the occasion of an open call to the exhibition “Occupation Occupation, display – appropriation and possession of utopias”, I have addressed the topic of the anniversary of the German reunion. A new world of private television, shiny warehouse products and mass mediaised came to Eastern Germany.
But not all of these worlds were tangible as in television ads and the promise of prosperity for all has not been fulfilled to this day.
It is still a long way to an ideal society. In terms of utopia, the present is a disappointment. In the socialist countries it was promised as an existence in the future.

The exhibition featured a narrative installation of works on paper and projections. The first German in space meets GDR policemen, the Planet of the Apes meets Winnetou and the Battle of Big Sur. Meanwhile, the space monkey Ham turns in a circle and pictures from the book “Space Colonies” rotate beside him. The display for this is derived from demonstrations signs and transparents and barriers.