Reiter auf dem Sturm (Riders on the Storm)

2011 Edwin Davis Nikola Tesla Wilhelm Reich

Why was the electric chair invented? How does a dog speak to his master? In this exhibition, Fabian Reimann attempts to get to the kernel of the brute, in the Faustian sense, of a world in artificial light.

Around 1900, the world became factual. It was solved piece by piece; they had disassembled the smallest building blocks of life into atoms and did research on the mind and psyche of man. There were universal questions that became obsessions for some people: Where does the energy come from that keeps everything in motion and living? And are we constantly surrounded by this energy? The drive to research, ingenuity, and an organizational blindness connected therewith are topics that are brought together with three historical figures and their works in the exhibition »Reiter auf dem Sturm« (Rider of the Storm).

Elements of the Spacial Essay: