The Long Now

2017 Phillip Schulze

Opening 20.08.2017, 12 h
20.08. – 03.09.2017, 12-19 h

Kirche Obergrunstedt
Im Oberdorf
99428 Obergrunstedt / Gemeinde Nohra


Cooperation with Phillip Schulze

The Long Now is a composition of sound, light, reverberations and projections. It deals with the space of the church in general and the perception of time, the “here and now” and eternity.

Traditionally, churches staged an experience of sound and light and a infrastructure for transcendency, that have been exceptionally for centuries. Churches were the place for great social events and rituals. In here, the limitations of ones own physical existence has been manifested, which is short compared to the ideas of eternity that the church tradition declares.

These considerations are the foundations of the multi-sensory and site-specific work by Fabian Reimann and Phillip Schulze, which will be presented in two phases. The first phase of The Long Now will take place in the summer of 2017 and serves as the foundation for the second phase, which will be on display for a period of one year. For the visitor it is impossible to remain at site the entire duration of the work. Therefore, the Installation reflects the impossibility of comprehending eternity in spite of all knowledge.

In the first phase of The Long Now, two medieval bells receive the greetings from humanity that have been travelling through space for the past 40 years on the Voyager-2 probe. Activated by human speech, the bells reverberate into the church and its surroundings, while simultaneously projections are displaying images of the smallest and largest perspectives of our worlds, of atoms and distant planets.