2010 D21 Kunstraum Leipzig Odysseus Polyphem

The “Warpig” could be a clear allusion to songs by Black Sabbath or Motörhead. In this case, it also has a lot to do with the beginning of the odyssey, which was preceded by Odysseus famous list of stratagems.
In the belly of the wooden sculpture a video loops. You can climb up the ladder, put your head in there and look into a one-eyed, bearded face. The Zyklop Polyphemus sits in his cave, his words are the wistful thoughts of Ulysses from the monumental adaptation of the Odyssey in the odd German dubbing: “I do not know, I am always filled with unrest. I think there are two souls living in me, one pulling me back to the house and hearth, the other to the open sea – and the adventure. ” („Ich weiss nicht, ich bin immer von Unruhe erfüllt. Ich glaube, es wohnen zwei Seelen in mir, die eine zieht mich zurück nach Haus und Herd, die andere auf das offene Meer – und das Abenteuer.“)