2001 Edition GAK Bremen Tarzan

The GAK Bremen had asked me if I could contribute a work for the annual edition. By that time I was working to the author of the Martian Chronicles, Edgar Rice Burroughs who is more famous as the writer with a novel series that could have been based on Rudyard Kipling’s jungle books.

Less knwon is the following the dispute that became the subject of the edition: the thesis of the authorship of the Tarzan yell, which is the voice of the Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller, the cry of a hyena, the whine of a camel, the growl of a dog and the plucked G-side of a violin. I have put this sound conglomerate in relation to the cries of the Bremen Town Musicians: donkey, dog, cat or rooster join the producers of the Tarzan call in five digital prints.

The images overlay and color fields have been added, the animal multi-sound finds its visual equivalent and is supplemented on the back of the frame with an explanatory text.