Planet Utopia

Die Bilder aus der Installation “Planet Utopia – eine Demonstration”


Politics and pathos

2019 Berlin bücking&kröger

CNTRM Chapter 4

The perception of time and the dependence of perspective

2018 Berlin

The World Set Free

H. G. Wells’ vision on the future from 1914 and what happened since

2018 atom bombs future H.G. Wells Mark von Schlegell Spector Books warburg universe


100 years after the Russian Revolution began

2018 October Revolution St. Petersburg work on paper


H. G. Wells, Lenin, Stalin and our visual memory

2017 H.G. Wells Lenin Stalin

The Long Now

Sound/picture-installation about sky and heaven

2017 Phillip Schulze

Ez Chaim

The void of a synagogue in Leipzig

2017 Angelik Waniek Cornelia Siebeck Ines Weizmann

Space Colonies

Renaissance of settling in space

2017 space Spector Books visual essay warburg universe


Animals from the 23rd century

2016 friendly fire


The renaissance fools’ ship on the 21st century stage


strade e vicoli

Artist travels for 250 years

2015 Camille Corot Franz Horny Heinz Hindorf Joseph A. Koch work on paper

Le Tour

Book towers of the German National Library

2012-2014 German National Library


The book about the master spy who impersonated as an artist

2013 espionage Kunstverein Hannover Louise Bernikow René Zechin Rudolph Abel Ulrike Boskamp


Investigations of crime scene images from the FBI-Archives

2011-2013 espionage Rudolph Abel


Secret places of spies

2009-2011 espionage New York Rudolph Abel

Uranium Club

The elite of physics imprisoned

2012-2016 espionage nuclear science woodcut

Eternity (limited)

The lahm the studio, hermits

2012 Brancusi nuclear science Werner Heisenberg


Words for an element

2012 nuclear science


Operation Overflight became the U2-crisis

2012 Aerial recognition Cold War Gary Powers U2-crisis

Ich sehe

Spies from the blue

2012 Aerial recognition Cold War


Tarzans Ruf und dessen Urheberschaft

2001 Edition GAK Bremen Tarzan


Tesla is missing

2011 Nikola Tesla


Invention of the electric chair

Edwin Davis


Troyan Horse

2010 D21 Kunstraum Leipzig Odysseus Polyphem

The Surveyor

Book by the same title as the spatial essay

2011 Anthony Blunt Denise van de Beek espionage Jan Wenzel Stefanie Tasch

The Surveyor

The art historian and double agent

2010 Anthony Blunt spacial essay

Poussin Lectures

Agent for the art history

2009 2013 Anthony Blunt John Banville Nicolas Poussin

200 Miles to Trinity

The world’s first nuclear test in New Mexico

2009 atomic bomb test nuclear science

freeman’s journal #9

progress, technology, electricity, space …

2009 2010 edit electricity energy Katrin Meine Krachkultur Max Schulze progress space technology


Abgrenzung schafft Frieden

2007 Berlin


Network of historic atom spies

2006 espionage


Looking to the USA from the old Europa at the crack of the second Gulf War

2004 Anke Gesell Ecko Grimberg Leipzig Robert Frank Tobias Laukemper Viktoria Binschtok

Freeman’s Journal 1

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand and John F. Kennedy

2004 Franz Ferdinand John F. Kennedy solo publication visual essay