Le Tour

2012-2014 German National Library

In 1959, the Deutsche Bibliothek was re-opened in a modern new building. This book tower in the Frankfurt Zeppelinallee was left again in 1997. The books went to a new location when the “German National Library” was founded. The book tower was demolished.

Again and again I’m thinking about such buildings, which  purpose lays in the claim to eternity. How many places,  buildings and their stories were overwritten. This is special when it comes to a place of knowledge, because there could always be a loss of knowledge. Sometimes such moments of disappearance are mystified as in the fire of the Library of Alexandria. In Umberto Ecos’ “The Name of the Rose” unique books go up in flames as the book tower bursts into flames. The novel movie adaptation of 1986 provides the images of the moment just before the library of the Benedictine abbey rises in flames.

On it are printing plates on which the defunct book tower from Frankfurt can be seen in historical views.